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VIOMPSP Eligibility

  • Eligible applicants must be enrolled in, or accepted for enrollment in, an academic program located in the United States that prepares graduates to meet the VA qualification standards for employment.
  • VIOMPSP currently offers scholarships in the following disciplines:
    • Visual Rehabilitation Therapy
    • Low Vision Therapy
    • Orientation and Mobility
  • Applicants must be citizens of the United States and pass a background investigation.
Covered Expenses
  • Full-time students:
    • Tuition and required fees/Maximum $15,000 per academic year/$45,000 total award
    • Four (4) years to complete education
  • Part-time students (current VA employees only):
    • Tuition and required fees/award maximums are based on ratio of full-time attendance
    • Six (6) years to complete education